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Editing remote files using SublimeText over SSH

It happens that we need to edit a file on a remote server, but using nano/vim is not very practical, due to lags, impossibility of using cursor and speed of screen refreshes.

SSH key authentication

There are many tutorials on creating and configurations SSH Key Authentication. All of them teach the basics, so within 5 minutes you are ready to connect to your remote machine. This is a bit more advanced article that will also allow you support multiple ssh keys and use friendly names for accessing them.

How to run celery as a daemon?

Notes on how to run celery as a daemon using generic init-scripts, these should run on Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and other Unix-like platforms.

Google Code-in 2015, Fossasia, Open source

My experience in participating in Google Code-in 2015 and joining the world of open source